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Busy busy bumblebee!

News, at long last!

I've been busting my butt on custom orders and trying to get everything ready for the Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta on june 7th. It's going to be very exciting event - I'll be unveiling some new things, as well as hosting an in-booth raffle for visitors and giving away goodie bags of candy and promos to the first 25 or so customers.

I've got my canopy and and now i'm just ironing out the kinks in the rest of booth pamphernalia and trying to figure out how to get everything in my car. One of my really good friends from my theatre days will be driving down from Charlotte to help me with the booth, and I'm really looking forward to a visit to the atlanta IKEA shop. I'm hoping to procure one of THESE babies for the booth, and perhaps one or more of THESE lovlies.

In other news, I finally got the pics back from the photo shoot last month and I've been getting my promo materials together using the images. Here are some previews:

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Mythdemeanor Photo Shoot - Final details

I've gotten everything coordinated for the shoot. Here are the details:

When - Next Saturday, April 12th from 2-5 pm, rain or shine.
Where - Rose Hill Cemetery/My parents House - 913 W. 3rd street.

John Shearer and Scott Legato will be photographing. (yay!)

Plan to bring some of your own clothes to mix and match with my stuff - some clubwear/costume and some everyday stuff. Girls- don't feel pressured to do anything fancy with your makeup or hair unless you want to, and Guys, please bring a dress shirt, and if you have one, a suit Jacket. I'll be bringing whatever extra clothes I can scramble together but clearly my clothes won't fit all of you.

There's not a lot of parking on 3rd, but there is plenty throughout the neighborhood. If any one needs a ride or directions send me an email to my username at gmail. Basically, if you take third street through the light where it crosses rogers heading west, jog right and then jog left, my parents house is the second to last on the left before you get to the cemetery .

There will be barbeque - hamburgers, veggie burgers and chicken. If you are vegan or have special needs, feel free to bring your own treat to put on the grill. My parents are being really sweet and buying the food for us, so please be sure to thank to them. :P

Also, a heads up my parents have 3 cats. They're indoors cats and mostly friendly but basically, if you don't want to be furry, you might not want to go inside except to use the restroom.

You don't have to be there the whole time, but if you want to hang out, it'll be a good time.
Again, feel free to email with questions and I'm looking forward to seeing all my lovely volunteers!

Call for Models dates TBD

Hi gang!
I'm looking for a few local bloomington folks who are interested in doing some modeling for me! I'm looking to the shoot the weekend of the 12th or the weekend of the 26th of this month.(Basically my plan is to see when the most folks are available and when the weather will be cooperative and have it on that day.) The photos will be used for promotional materials and advertising, so your pretty face will get around.

I would like to have a pretty wide range of models - a variety of sizes, sexes and looks. The shoot will happen at Rose Hill cemetery in the afternoon - over a time range so folks can trickle in - probably 1-4pm.

I can't offer much the way of payment, but I can offer a super big discount on clothing and some freebies in exchange for your participation. I'll also have some food/beverage available and my folks live in the neighborhood, so we can use their bathroom and spare bedroom as needed for storing/changing/etc.

The wonderful John Shearer has agreed to be my photomeister and his friend Scott Legato will most likely be joining us as well. (If any other pro or amateur photogs care to join us you are welcome too. The wonderful thing about the cemetery is that we can split up into small groups without stepping on each other's toes.)

So...who wants to Vogue?
and when....

Luna fest reminder

From 10-4 in the showers building in B-town.
Come check us out!

I almost forgot

I've got some great new designs in the works!!

Including Cake or Death fabric and t-shirts in honor of Eddie Izzard finally having a tour stop in Indy!!!

here's a quick preview of some of the newer stuff I've been adding to the etsy page:

Live Show Updated and Model Call out

Okay, so first things first - we'll be at Axis again on Easter Monday - Jakes Nightclub in Bloomington, IN from 9-2am. there will be Djs, dancing and general awesomeness.

Also - our regular Axis photographer John D. Shearer is having a show in Terre Haute, IN a week from friday and we'll be there to support him and lend a bit of Axis atmosphere. Here's the poster and some directions:

directions under hereCollapse )

And on another note, it seems that most of the folks I had hoped to use as models have moved out of state or are moving thusly. I still have a few folks in mind, but I figured I'd do a general call out and see if anyone else was interested. If it ever stops raining I'd like to do a shoot out at the Rose Hill cemetery. If you're interested drop me a line via email at mythdemeanor {at} gmail [dot!] com - give me your size (all sizes welcome!) and some contact info - name, phone number, general availability (i.e. - saturday are usually great, but wednesday's suck), and if I haven't met you in real life before some sort of picture would be great.

I should probably have some sort of disclaimer like, "crazy axe murdering rape fiends need not apply", but you all knew that already.

Tribal: Pura

I had a blast at Tribal:Pura in Bloomington this weekend. I met so many wonderful people! (I also did some stealth learning while passing the time during the workshops). I look forward to seeing all of the friends I made again in the near future!

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend:

This is the exuberant LaughingMuse modeling one of our Belladonna dance tops

and here are Carolena and Megha showing off their new Oscar Wilde underwear with me. They were a gift from Margaret Lion, who helped organize the event.
The INcrowd (Indiana Etsy Street Team) is having a scavenger hunt! It is the yearly Wearin' o' the Green Basket o' Fun and will run from March 1 through March 15, 2008.

The prize will be a gift basket full of items generously donated by INcrowd members:

The rules are simple:

1. You must have an Etsy account, or sign up for one at http://etsy.com (easy and free).

2. Find all potentially participating shops by searching for "incrowd" in the search window at the top of the Etsy screen. Find every shamrock you can (they will be in with the pictures of one item on page one or two of a secret number of INcrowd stores). Convo Carolynn (http://nilochlainn.etsy.com) with the total you've found and the names of the shops in which you found each shamrock.

3. The entrant with the most shamrocks collected will be our winner. In the likely event of a tie, the winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries.

5. The contest will run for 15 days, from March 1 through March 15. The winner will be notified via convo on March 17, and his or her name will be published on the blog and on the Etsy forums on the same day.

Also - a Friendly reminder that we will be vending at Tribal:Pura this Friday night at the John Waldron Arts Center and Saturday and Sunday (all day) at the MCL both in lovely Bloomington Indiana. It's going be a great finish to our local arts week and I look forward to seeing tons of lovely new faces and showing off some of our wonderful new stuff. For those of you who can't make it - don't despair! The new things will be up on the web soon!

Shiisa Quilts & Mythdemeanor

equals happy quilters!

Shiisa Quilts in Bloomington, IN (2536 W. Industrial Park Dr. Suite 5 to be exact) is selling some of our hand dyed silks and cottons on a trial basis. With luck this will become a wonderful permanent relationship.

The shop is just beautiful and they're certified Bernina dealers. If you're over on the west side you should visit. Industrial park drive is just off the western half of Vernal pike, once it crosses the highway. (or if you're headed north, just turn left at that random stoplight just north of the 3rd exit off of 37). There's a little hidden strip mall and you can't miss it. The owner, Janet, is just lovely and everyone there was friendly and knowledgable. So go check it out!!

I'm also trying to get a syllabus together to teach a dyeing for quilters workshop sometime in the future.