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Call for Models dates TBD

Hi gang!
I'm looking for a few local bloomington folks who are interested in doing some modeling for me! I'm looking to the shoot the weekend of the 12th or the weekend of the 26th of this month.(Basically my plan is to see when the most folks are available and when the weather will be cooperative and have it on that day.) The photos will be used for promotional materials and advertising, so your pretty face will get around.

I would like to have a pretty wide range of models - a variety of sizes, sexes and looks. The shoot will happen at Rose Hill cemetery in the afternoon - over a time range so folks can trickle in - probably 1-4pm.

I can't offer much the way of payment, but I can offer a super big discount on clothing and some freebies in exchange for your participation. I'll also have some food/beverage available and my folks live in the neighborhood, so we can use their bathroom and spare bedroom as needed for storing/changing/etc.

The wonderful John Shearer has agreed to be my photomeister and his friend Scott Legato will most likely be joining us as well. (If any other pro or amateur photogs care to join us you are welcome too. The wonderful thing about the cemetery is that we can split up into small groups without stepping on each other's toes.)

So...who wants to Vogue?
and when....