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Mythdemeanor Photo Shoot - Final details

I've gotten everything coordinated for the shoot. Here are the details:

When - Next Saturday, April 12th from 2-5 pm, rain or shine.
Where - Rose Hill Cemetery/My parents House - 913 W. 3rd street.

John Shearer and Scott Legato will be photographing. (yay!)

Plan to bring some of your own clothes to mix and match with my stuff - some clubwear/costume and some everyday stuff. Girls- don't feel pressured to do anything fancy with your makeup or hair unless you want to, and Guys, please bring a dress shirt, and if you have one, a suit Jacket. I'll be bringing whatever extra clothes I can scramble together but clearly my clothes won't fit all of you.

There's not a lot of parking on 3rd, but there is plenty throughout the neighborhood. If any one needs a ride or directions send me an email to my username at gmail. Basically, if you take third street through the light where it crosses rogers heading west, jog right and then jog left, my parents house is the second to last on the left before you get to the cemetery .

There will be barbeque - hamburgers, veggie burgers and chicken. If you are vegan or have special needs, feel free to bring your own treat to put on the grill. My parents are being really sweet and buying the food for us, so please be sure to thank to them. :P

Also, a heads up my parents have 3 cats. They're indoors cats and mostly friendly but basically, if you don't want to be furry, you might not want to go inside except to use the restroom.

You don't have to be there the whole time, but if you want to hang out, it'll be a good time.
Again, feel free to email with questions and I'm looking forward to seeing all my lovely volunteers!