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Busy busy bumblebee!

News, at long last!

I've been busting my butt on custom orders and trying to get everything ready for the Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta on june 7th. It's going to be very exciting event - I'll be unveiling some new things, as well as hosting an in-booth raffle for visitors and giving away goodie bags of candy and promos to the first 25 or so customers.

I've got my canopy and and now i'm just ironing out the kinks in the rest of booth pamphernalia and trying to figure out how to get everything in my car. One of my really good friends from my theatre days will be driving down from Charlotte to help me with the booth, and I'm really looking forward to a visit to the atlanta IKEA shop. I'm hoping to procure one of THESE babies for the booth, and perhaps one or more of THESE lovlies.

In other news, I finally got the pics back from the photo shoot last month and I've been getting my promo materials together using the images. Here are some previews: