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Treasuries and Etsy

At the moment we're featured in a couple of treasuries on Etsy:
This one about Indiana Artists
And This one by Wendymoon

I've also got a treasury going Here

Please check them out! Lets see if we can get on the front page again!

Also, I small update yesterday and more will be coming soon - lots of ties!
And I've just finished about 6 new screens which i'll be test printing very soon - including a new embellishment for the Tesla tees.

Oak Boston

Oak Boston updated their webpage to includes some of the exclusive items we've made for them.
Check it out HERE

Busy bees

We've been running around like nuts (between illness and injury) to get some new stuff going.

Just over a week ago I was in Boston visiting family and while there I dropped off some stuff at OAKboston. Here are some quick snaps of the goodies:

more under the cutCollapse )

I used our airport delay (thanks O'hare airport!) to finish editing pics from my last shoot which means.....NEW LISTINGS on ETSY!!

That's only a fraction of the stuff, and I'll be adding continuously all week.
Also, I updated our shop policies in the profile section with some more shipping info and info on wholesale orders.

And as if that's not enough -
We will be vending at Tribal Pura on March 1st and 2nd in Bloomington and will be bringing some fun new surprises.

We will also be vending at Axis as usual in February and March.

Right now we're working on some really exciting designs - one inspired by "Strawberry Fields" by the Beatles and several freehand linear drawings, which we should have up and running in time for the Feb. Axis.

Etsy update

Some exciting news - we reached our 100th heart today on Etsy!!

I've been updating with new items - The Tesla and Oppenheimer tees are up now, and I'll be adding more pieces slowly over the next week and a half.

Incidentally, if anyone has pics of them in their gear, I'd love to see them! Post them here or send them to our email at mythdemeanor@gmail.com.


Thanks to everyone who showed up at Axis of Evil on Tuesday night. It was wonderful to get to meet some of you who I only know as icons on etsy. All the new items I had at the table will be up on etsy by the end of next week including the Oppenheimer and Tesla shirts.

A lot of the new women's stuff was done in limited runs, but don't worry, if there's a demand I'll gladly make more. Also, don't forget I can do custom orders! Want a certain color print or shirt? Didn't see your size? Just drop me a line and I'll do everything in my power to fill your desires. :P

New designs!

Here are some pics of designs that should be available on Etsy in the next month:

These are based on images my sister took while in Europe. Sadly she isn't very good at relaying information and so I don't know the name of building or where it's located. I do know that it's based on the atom of something - her best guess was iron. Regardless of any of that, we think it looks awesome from many angles.

The next two are from our historical art series and are based on stone carvings. The first is a celtic depiction and the second is Norse piece showing Odin and his crows Hugin and Mugin.

And this last one is from our SCIENCE! series - it's an antique style microscope.

There are lots more finished designs waiting to go including knights, commedia characters, samurai, vintage cars, nerve and white blood cells, the flu, submarines and south american goddesses.

We've been featured on MAKE!

In the steampunk gift guide!

Check it out!!


Etsy Update! New Designs!

We missed Axis this month, due to a bad flu, but we're back on our feet and churning out new designs. New Items will be going up on Etsy regularly this month, and we'll be vending at the next Axis on January 1st.