Custom & Ready-to-Wear Clothing for the Altnernative Aesthetic

31 December
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After earning a BFA in Costume Design at the College of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sandy Baker (aka Crescentwench) worked in theatre for 2 years before returning to her hometown - Bloomington, IN. She now works as a seamtress at a local alterations shop and spends her free time crafting, sewing, and playing with chemicals.

Sandy began sewing at the ripe old age of 16, after many unfruitful shopping excursions. She was dertermined to create clothing which met her needs: it had to fit, be comfortable, be flattering, and be visually interesting.

Sandy developed a style over time, which was perfected with skills learned in school. Much of her early work was historical in nature - Italian and Elizabethan Renaissance, mostly. Now she favors layering many techniques including silk screening, hand painting, tie-dye, shibori, applique, pleating, and embroidery on top of a well fitting, well designed base garment.

Recently Sandy has crafted a steampunk bustle skirt and asymmetrical buckle jacket for Libby Bulloff of Exoskeleton Cabaret to wear at Convergence 13.

She is currently working on a turn of the century Gibson Girl vampire costume, an 18th century outfit and a "Dr. Girlfriend" (Venture Brothers) drag dress.

In February, 2007 Sandy and Mythdemeanor! won "Best in Show" in the Axis of Evil: Control, Alteration, Delineation Fashion Show.

She is also currently accepting commissions for custom designs. Feel free to message with Inquiries.